Beginning Stages in the Special Session on Terrorism

Chatter engulfs the area surrounding Back Bay C, where the Special Session on Terrorism is taking place. Newly formed blocs are outside the meeting room, beginning to create the first clauses for their working papers. While alliances are quickly forming, it is clear not all feel their policies are being represented within their clusters.

“The topic we’ve chosen to address is terrorist recruitment from developing nations,” the delegate from Italy explained. “I would’ve gone with Topic B – sovereignty and the role that plays in terrorist policy- because I felt you needed to establish a legal basis before starting with the policy whereas topic A as goes right into the issue,” a Canadian delegate commented. Other delegates from Germany and the United States expressed some frustration with the consideration of their policies. Yet, all four delegations are working together.

“Italy is working in a block with Germany, Canada, and several other nations, drafting a working paper that’s going to address the multiple facets of this issues including lack of education and the fact that many are driven into terrorist organization due to low quality of life and the belief that their standard of life will be raised with terrorist organizations. Additionally, we’re working on developing proper financing methods to ensure developing nations are enabled to combat these issues themselves. Specifically we are working on recruitment with nations that are more vulnerable as they don’t necessarily have the resources to work on education as well as these other issues.” the Italian representative added. The German delegate announced that “The working paper that we’re creating focuses on a counter-terrorism committee that we can use to implement different programs-as our topic is recruitment of terrorist groups- so we definitely want to focus on education, finance, and internet surveillance so we can survey terrorist groups.”

The delegate from the United States went on to say that “…when we speak of terrorist recruitment we have the best programs in the world. We have mass surveillance programs and military intervention complexes in Syria and Iraq which have been effective with drone strikes and airstrikes. So our policy when a terrorist group comes into the country, such as the 9/11 attacks that infringe on our sovereignty, we hit them back as hard as they hit us. In the working paper, we drafted certain clauses that weren’t relevant exactly to my policy, which is mainly military intervention so I was a bit disappointed we did not include that but I actually realize that it is the spirit of compromise and once I compromised with Germany and Italy is when I could actually work with them and that’s the best course of action and yeah did contribute clauses.”

The bloc estimates that there are four or five working papers in progress, though only two resolutions will be accepted by the chair.  While the issues the Special Session on Terrorism addresses remain complex, these will become the building blocks of comprehensive reform for these nations.

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