Delegates Remain Cautiously Hopeful As U.N. Session Kicks Off

World News

By Chief International Correspondent

UNITED NATIONS — The United Nations and many other international organizations convened in a historic session today. Outside the conference rooms, delegates are eager to express their opinions and jam in some lively discussions. Granted these discussions are not nearly as substantive as the debates in the days to come, it’s still a precious opportunity for delegates to see themselves as global citizens at large, instead of dissolved into committees.

Members of the Iraqi delegation, when asked by Komsomolskaya Pravda on Thursday, offered a refreshing point of view looking forward to the conference. Iraq’s General Assembly (Third Committee) delegate stressed the role of developing nations like Iraq. The Middle Eastern country’s delegate in the World Conference on Women, though not yet has a well-formed position, remains confident about the sessions ahead.

The delegate of Vanuatu to the World Trade Organization was openly skeptic about the free trade policy that the Organization has implemented. “We are not big allies with [the United States of] America,” he added. Despite all his reservations, he stated that he remains hopeful and willing to work with “allies like Australia, China, Russia, &c.”

With critical national interest on the line, delegates also highlighted the competitive nature of deal-making. “In our committee,” said one of the Ukrainian delegates to the General Assembly (Third Committee) while making some exaggerated hand gestures, “competition is going to be this high.”

These are just a sneak peek into the complicated web of diplomacy. Fueled with rigorous debates, delegates are expected to come up with productive resolutions at the end of the conference. With the finish line still far away, it remains to be seen whether this U.N. session will be a sprint or a marathon.


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