Killers of Hostages Still Unclear, Myanmar Assembly in Crisis Mode

World News

By Chief International Correspondent

NAYPYIDAW, Myanmar — 3 Kachin men were arrested near the China-Myanmar border in connection to the deaths of the Chinese hostages. Under unknown circumstances, the suspects confessed to being instructed by the governing party NLD to murder the hostages and to framing the KIO, which is an advocate for ethnic minorities.

Also publicly claiming responsibility is the FKP (Freedom for the Kachin People). According to sources, the FKP is an extremist splinter group of the KIO and is fully capable and willing to conduct such killings.

“As far as we know,” said the Chinese Ambassador to Myanmar in an unscheduled appearance, “the FKP did it. They are responsible for the deaths of Chinese citizens.”

The Assembly remains divided on determining which party is the culprit, while the delegates navigate through other issues and try to steer the Assembly in the right direction. The atmosphere in the round-table conference room is intense, as finger pointing and personal attacks are common especially among delegates opposing the current administration. “You have lied to this country for years!” said one delegate loudly to the President during an unmoderated caucus.

In an interview with Komsomolskaya Pravda, the Shan delegate expressed his concerns. “I am a patriot,” he said undoubtedly, “while I recognize the President’s authority, I do not agree with her [on issues].” He also pointed out that the “defense establishment” has been unpatriotic. His suggestion is that the federal government should delegate more authority to the local states and municipalities so that the KIO and its splinter groups can be dealt with more effectively.

Despite the attacks, the current administration is strongly and vocally supported by many, including the Chin delegate and even the Chinese government. When asked by the media, the Chinese Ambassador seemed hopeful regarding the future of their bilateral relations, as an energy partnership between the two Asian nations may be on the table.

Although flooded with all kinds of information and updates, delegates remained calm and focused on issues during most parts of the conference (although they did debate about “Mars landing” for a brief moment for unclear reasons). Regarding the future of the Assembly, patriotic duties should outweigh ideological differences. As the President of Myanmar so eloquently put it, “This is what we need in this country, unity!”


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