R2P: When Does it Apply?

Working papers are underway currently in DISEC; blocs have been established and countries are solidifying their positions with regard to the topic of Military Intervention in Transnational Conflict. One bloc in particular, including the delegates of Canada and Ethiopia, has begun discussing the clauses to include in their working papers that address problems such as refugee crises as well as other humanitarian issues.

The bloc has been especially diligent in analyzing the Right to Protect (R2P) framework so that it might begin setting parameters regarding instances in which international intervention is vital. According to the delegate of Ethiopia, “This resolution is expressing an importance on each side of the transnational conflict that respects national sovereignty while realizing and stressing that civilians are of the utmost importance.”

Overall the committee is focused, and this bloc is persistently paying close attention to the needs of individuals affected by internal conflict within their countries; the rights and safety of civilians is held above any other affairs within this bloc.


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