U.S. Embassy in Iraq Bombed

Amarah Iraq- Fifteen people were killed and at least 13 others believed missing after the bombing of the U.S. embassy in Iraq.  In the aftermath of the bombing it was reported that classified documents were missing and believed to be in possession of the perpetrators.  Intelligence sources believe that the bombers are in the city of Amarah along the Iraq and Iran Border.  President Nixon has yet to release a press statement as his cabinet is locked in a heated debate over what course of action to take.

Secretary of State William Rogers advocated for the use of regional powers to recover the documents rather than U.S. forces.

“Using American forces in the Middle East would only cause chaos.  We are beginning to make progress towards ending the war against the Soviets in Vietnam and bombing Amara will destroy all of the work that has been done to end the war,” Rogers said.

Many on the cabinet questioned the bombing of yet another country after the backlash of the public to the bombing of the Vietnamese.   Secretary of State David Kennedy disagreed, believing that the need to take swift action against superseded the fear of public backlash.

“Our first priority is National Security.  This is not another Vietnam.  There are no troops on the ground.  We are simply using our air force to take action against an attack on the United States,” Kennedy said.

The cabinet is continuing to work on a solution to the crisis and is expected to come to a decision  within the next day.


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