It’s the developed versus developing countries in the World Health Organization committee room; a distinct divide between the two has been established as they have developed vastly different perspectives regarding how to address the issue of Antimicrobial Resistance.

According to a bloc including Brunei, Kyrgyzstan and Haiti, this divide arises from the different ways in which more and less developed countries are affected by the issue. In less developed countries, the focus is laid more heavily upon the matter of attaining access to medical support and proper medication. Pharmaceutical businesses in LDCs* are also more likely to mislabel medications due to a lack or decreased level of education. In more developed countries the concentration is set more firmly upon advancing medical development in order to combat the rise of antimicrobial resistance. Essentially, MDCs* are concentrated on combating the issue directly, while LDCs are struggling to maintain even moderate levels of health and safety in general.

Upon speaking with the delegation of Kyrgyzstan I learned of the bloc’s plan moving forward with regard to the provision of foreign aid to LDCS. “We believe that since lesser developed countries don’t really have the funds to develop infrastructure and provide education for pharmacists, we want to form partnerships with developed countries to benefit our nations.”

This divide may continue to grow, however if the Kyrgyzstan bloc’s possible solution proves viable, then the differences dividing the LDCs and MDCs may in fact be the forces that unify them; this could result in the creation of one coherent Resolution to slow or even eliminate the growth of antimicrobial resistance through international coordination, as well as provide adequate medical funding to LDCs affected by these affairs.

*LDCs: Less developed countries

*MDCs: More developed countries


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