7 Things to Do Instead of the Delegate Dance (Opinion Piece)

This is an opinion piece

The Delegate Dance; a revolting cesspool of horny teenagers. Though most in the conference seem to participate, the unsettling nature of tight spaces, bodily odors, and creepy Bostonians attempting to attend a high school dance turns many off. For those who want to maintain some sense of sanity, here are seven things to do instead of attending the Delegate Dance.

  1. Grab food with friends !This is one of the most simple solutions. It’s a fun way to remain social, eat well, and enjoy your time. Restaurants in the Prudential Center include 5 Napkin Burger, California Pizza Kitchen, Haru, and The Cheesecake Factory.
  2. Go shopping! Another simple solution to this rather ridiculous problem. For some, there are many luxury items to choose from. If this is not in your price range, you can join me in fantasizing about the designer articles you’ll never be able to afford.
  3. Attend Movie Night! Hang with friends and take time to relax while enjoying some quality entertainment.
  4. Go to the Cultural Extravaganza! A night full of international wonders featuring a performance by the Harvard Asian American Dance Troupe!
  5. For those allowed outside of the Prudential Center, check out Boston! For those 16+, you can check out Sky Zone, an indoor trampoline park with a special weekend deal. This includes access to many of their parks and games. Other places to visit are the Boston Opera House, Escape the Room Boston, and Newbury Street.
  6. Do a Blogilates workout in your room! Her voice is rather annoying, but if you’ve been missing out on your gym fix, you can get your endorphins pumping in the comfort of your own space. Additional points to those who conduct group workouts in the hall.
  7. Take a nap! This one is self-explanatory.

Though we hope these ideas give you some inspiration, we know there is a fair chance you’ll end up attending the dance. If you do, make sure to stay safe. If you see something, say something!


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