A Bridge Too Far?

BREAKING – In continuance of our piece, “Tragedy By The Bay”, we promised you, the readers, that we would continue to pursue every possible avenue to uncover the suspicious nature of the Chappaquiddick Incident. Through further investigation, and with the cooperation of an anonymous high-ranking official within the Nixon Administration, we have uncovered condemning evidence of Senator Ted Kennedy and his actions in regard to the Incident.

Directly from the start, it can be confirmed that Senator Ted Kennedy, along with Joseph Gargan, Paul Markham (Former US Attorney), Charles Tretter, Raymond La Rosa, as well as John Crimins (who was Kennedy’s part time driver) were all involved. These married individuals were in the company of six single women of whom were “Boiler Girls” from Robert Kennedy’s 1968 presidential campaign. This rather horrendous act of treachery and dishonesty will be revealed as it brings about moral questions involving Senator Ted Kennedy, a prospective candidate to run for the Democratic ticket for President in two years.

In addition, Joan Bennett Kennedy was pregnant at the time. We can also see that  Ted Kennedy drove home a certain Miss Mary Jo Kopechne who as the victim of the vehicular incident itself.  All evidence points to Ted Kennedy being the primary suspect in this now potential murder investigation, of which should be seen by the American populace as a heinous and unforgivable offence that could derail Ted Kennedy’s political career and result in jail time.

Upon investigation of the incident itself, a diver by the name of John Farrar recounts that the victim showed more signs of strangulation of which he believed to be the primary reason for her death. The diver is also on the record as saying that had Kennedy made any effort to save the victim’s life, she may still be with us today. In addition to this damning evidence, the diver reported that he himself could have saved Mary Jo within twenty minutes of the incident. However, no effort was made by Senator Ted Kennedy to report the incident to authorities until the following morning.

In addition, there was blood found on the dress of Mary Jo by the funeral director and authorities as well as in her mouth and nose. Regardless of these gruesome details handed to police, they suspiciously opposed any effort to perform an autopsy on the victim, further condemning Ted Kennedy and the power he exercises through his political allies. Not only did the family also receive a rather unctuous payment $90,000 from the Senator himself to the family of the victim without any reason, but no funeral was held and Mary Jo was buried only one day after the incident.

The New York Times would like to call the people to action. Regardless of political beliefs or sentiments to condemn the action, or rather inaction by Ted Kennedy on this issue and raise support for the conviction and proper trial by jury of Senator Ted Kennedy for the murder of Mary Jo Kopechne. In addition, we, the New York Times, call the citizens who support the Democratic Party to not let their party’s administration become a festering swamp of corruption and immorality and act to bring about a new age of the Democratic Party which fights for the morals and rights of Americans and protects tradition and the values held by the American people. The New York Times suggests that if Senator Ted Kennedy has any desire to respect the will of the people and cease any further intentions pertaining to running for the office of President of the United States.


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