A Nigerian Alarm

A scene of panic unfolded in the Special Summit on Terrorism held earlier today. The news of 100 people being held hostage in Nigeria by members of Boko Haram had stifled the confident delegations from around the world. “It really changed our perspective on how we were to handle our current topic and our future involvement,” said the delegation from Finland.

Terrorist recruitment through means of social media led to the initial assembly of this summit, and these events seemed to have perpetuated a faster and more efficient plan to contain inspirations of terrorism. “In the beginning, we were focused on specific means of education, and while this still remains a focus, we have now shifted to look at more forceful and militaristic ways of preventing the spread of terrorism.” Finland was currently in discussions with countries such as the United Kingdom, Russia and China to formulate a draft resolution that would allow for developed nations to educate and lead military operations inside these countries.

Estonia partnered with the United States to create a draft resolution that would lead to less troops being sent into these countries, and focusing on more self-reliant means to build up economy and independent success.

“We are going to resolve these issue of terrorism recruitment from developing nations, and we are working very cooperatively with others countries to find a reasonable solution,” a confident Italian delegation told me. Finding the most effective plan is certainly on the forefront of every delegations mind, and the hostage situation in Nigeria has acted as a wake up call to find this plan quickly before it is too late.


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