A Triad of Trials

Only one of the three members of the Greek Cabinet members was found to be innocent in this triad of trials that just closed. The Secretaries of Finance, Infrastructure, and Interior were tried for a variety of reasons during the past committee session, only the Secretary of Interior  being released from these accusations. Many Secretaries are extremely happy with these results, the Secretary of Culture and Sports saying that “The truth has been spoken.”

When asked what he was charged with, the Secretary of Finance was very quick to respond.

I breached EU Sanctions with my wife via a Shell company to purchase 5000 AK-47s from Russia, which I sold on the open market in Romania to ISIS affiliated Qatari agents. I also sold 50,000 [cubic centimetres] of natural gas in Greece and attempted to sell 5,000 barrels of crude oil in Thessaloniki.

He was found guilty and the Secretary of State then responeded “From now on we aren’t tolerating corruption.” The Secretary of Finance is now jailed and has been replaced by the Secretary of Immigration Policy.

The Secretary of Infrastructure was also charged with a crime in connection to ISIS, however it was not connected to the crimes committed by the Secretary of Finance. When asked to comment on his guilty verdict for financially aiding ISIS, the Secretary responded with:

“I’m very proud of myself … I’m really trying to help the world.”

He is now jailed and has been replaced by Secretary of Media and Communication.

Many members of the Greek Cabinet were outraged by the crimes which brought the necessity of these trials, however they understand the need for the judicial system that is in place. The Secretary of Economy stated “These trials are necessary for all [of the] corruption plaguing the Greek government.” The Secretary of State also wanted to let the Greek people know that from now on, the Greek Cabinet would not be tolerating corruption of any kind and that the Greek people should be aware of the wrongdoing that occurred.



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