All Work and No Play Makes Delegates a Dull Crowd

When I opened the door and entered the Grand Ballroom, in which the largest committee in the conference, DISEC, is located, I was sure I’d hear riveting debate regarding either military intervention or failing states. However, what I walked in to was not in fact an intellectual conversation amongst delegates, but rather the Dias standing at the podium accepting suggestions from delegates for activities to occupy the committee on Sunday. A few of the proposals included a rap battle between two moderators, reciting the Bee Movie in a German Accent, acting out the Bee Movie, a very large game of musical chairs between the DISEC delegates, giving Instagram shout outs, and having a “Dias version of American Idol”. I sure would not mind stopping in on DISEC tomorrow to observe which interesting activity was decided upon.

While these suggestions were quite amusing to listen in on, eventually the committee was delivered the working papers they had been waiting for, and had to continue doing actual work. As a reading session commenced, I decided to leave rather than watch a room of 300+ delegates flip through numerous pages of possible resolutions, as fun as that would have been.

When I exited the Grand Ballroom, I glanced at the map in my Delegate Handbook to consider which committee I could report on next; but, as I walked further into the main lobby of the third floor, I overheard music and faint singing. Intrigued, I strode across the room to find the source of the music, and found it to be the Constitution Ballroom-the room in which the Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee was situated. When I pulled open the ballroom doors, I was greeted by the song “Grenade” by Bruno Mars and a female delegate singing along in front of the room. Up on the projector, which usually displays country lists or the current happenings of the committee, a YouTube tab was displayed instead, with a lyric video for “Grenade” playing which the delegate was following along to. When she was finished singing, her performance was recognized by applause from the rest of the room.

More brave delegates took the mic, singing “Burn” from the Hamilton Mixtape, “When We Were Young” by Adele, “Let it Go” from the movie Frozen (during the singing of the last two songs mentioned, almost the entire room joined in), and a Spanish song that was unknown to me but very well known by the Spanish-speaking population in the committee. The karaoke session left the entire room smiling, and enjoyment was evident on every delegate’s face. Midway through the session, the Dias assured onlookers in the room that the committee was “waiting for working papers, not just wasting time”.

While I walked in to each of these committees, I was hoping to find quality, intellectual content which I could gather a story on; though, I have to say, I was much more pleased with what I found instead.


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