Asleep on the Job

Over the course of the past few days the Press Corps has lain witness to some interesting sights; it seems that some delegates have unique styles of getting ahead in their committees. Some have been seen “resting their eyes” outside of their committee rooms, to catch up on some lost sleep.

It is true, we all know, that we’ll be exhausted by the end of the HMUN conference from all our hard work. But I’ve spoken with some delegates about how they’ve managed to stay alert, explaining why the Starbucks line is out the door in each establishment. Coffee after coffee, delegates are driven to conduct their work in as attentive a mindset as possible.

In my many hours circulating through the committees, I’ve come across a handful of delegations resting to revamp their minds; or so that’s what they say. But we’re still getting some valuable work done. Let’s just see how tired everyone is by the end of the Delegate Dance; now that’s an entirely different article.



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