Bittersweet: Passing the “Holistic Approach” and Combatting the crisis update in NGO

During a motion to speak against Directive 1.5, also known as the “Holistic Approach,” the delegate of Gates Foundation urges the importance of long-term security entries for refugees and criticizes the International Crisis Group’s directive that focuses on short-terms solutions that “would only create a friendly environment between locals and visitors that won’t last long.” FAWE, on the other hand, reminds delegates that they have the permission to pass both Directive 1.5 and Directive 1.6.

With a vote of 15-1-0, the Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) passes the “Holistic Approach” proposed by the ICG and FAWE. “Holistic Approach” focuses on the short-term solutions that “allow affected NGOs to work with existing local partners to serve the purpose of decreasing the distrust within Western aid groups and the existing language and cultural barriers among communities.” Both ICG and FAWE strongly encourage all Western NGOs “to put in place all possible measures within their power to protect their aid workers,” as well as recommending RNGOS such as Islamic Relief Worldwide and Injaz to “send protected and informed local representatives to passively negotiate with the refugees in the camps to diminish worries about Western NGO intentions.”

A few minutes after the celebration of the passage of Directive 1.5, the NGO committee retreats the relaxed atmosphere back into its intense ambience 20 minutes ago as it receives a newspaper crisis update published in Bamako, Mali at 4:53pm on January 27th, 2017. The large, bold black heading says, “Local Grocery Store Bombing Kills 3, Wounds 11.” In reference to the crisis update, “a locally family owned grocery store Tonino Market in downtown Bamako erupted into flames.” Having received the newspaper crisis update, Western NGOs now face the criticism of high-ranking government leaders, who denounce their continued involvement in Bamako, in light of “recent kidnappings and killings of American and European aid workers from multi-national organizations.” The crisis update also cites from Oumar Tonino, the owner of the grocery store, who sobs at the death of his wife and claims he will never forgive the Western NGOs for what they did to his wife.

BBC News will conduct a brief interview with the International Crisis Group and Acumen at 11:15pm, January 17th, 2017, to discuss the aftermath of the crisis update and strategies NGOs have taken to combat with the newest crisis.


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