Can Plautus save the day?

The Greek ministerial cabinet is currently in a state of panic, frenzy, disagreement and doubt. With the banking systems of Greece collapsing under their own weight and in desperate need of a bailout, the Greek cabinet is unsure of how to respond to the needs of it’s people. The crisis has increased unemployment rates in the region, while the threat of cutting down pensions and the banks shutting their doors has sent civilians into a state of constant chaos.

When the cabinet tilted the deliberations to the refugee crisis in Europe, it was met with thunderous riots and wide scale protests with the people of the nation questioning the priorities of its own government. Smothered by allegations of corruption and answerable to it’s people, the government needs to solve the crisis before it gets out of hand. In order to boost the morale of the it’s people, Greece hopes to perform well in the 2016 Olympics and decided to set up more training camps for athletes, which could prove to be a questionable move in the time of a financial crisis. In a time that people may be at the risk of losing their only source of livelihood, The minister on sports and culture argues that this would help increase employment by providing opportunities for sports coaches. However, the question that still remains is, whether the fiscal deficit would break even or plummet the government into more debt?

As a response to this problem, the committee deliberated upon an important directive to reduce the pensions given to the people by 2% each year until 2022 in order to increase the savings. This directive proved to be an extremely controversial one, “We must consider the public sentiment and also realize that reducing pensions at such a sensitive point of time could send the public into a frenzy and cause more chaos than already present” stated the minister of foreign affairs. To this, the Minister of infrastructure argued,” We need to ensure savings and funds. It is important to take action and bring in more money in order to protect the people and the government”, this statement was also backed by the minister or labor.

When the committee did finally reach a compromise and pass a directive regarding the pension policy, it was greeted with a backlash by the European Union which was not happy with their decision. While certain members of the cabinet, such as the Minister of economy, were willing to make minor changes and other budget cuts instead of cutting down on pensions in order to prevent retaliation from Brussels, not everyone was on board with this opinion. “We have been constantly bullied by the European Union, who have stolen our sovereignty and freedom,  and we must not give in just because it [the pension policy] does not please them, this statement was also backed by the Minister of foreign affairs who agreed that it was important to not give in to the European union and show strength to it’s people and regain their trust.

With the GDP being decreased to over 27% and hitting a new low, unemployment rates skyrocketing, unhappy people rejecting their own government and the economy on the brink of collapsing; it is now up to the ministerial cabinet to contain this chaos in an effective and immediate manner.



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