China’s greatest loss: A day of mourning

Popularly termed the “Voice of China” we at China Daily try best to report what the Chinese people feel. Mao Zedong is China’s greatest Chairman of the Communist Party and is loved by one and all. China Daily, earlier today, received some terrible news. We urge the people of China to try to remain calm on hearing this.

Mao Zedong is said to have died today.

We confirmed the cause of death in a report by the doctors as the presence of faint traces of poison in his body. Zedong was last seen, making an impassionate speech in the Central Politburo, condemning their decisions on allying with the USA, who had invaded China and stained it’s rich communist heritage.We have reason to believe that this seditious act was a plan by the someone in the Politburo. Our journalists are investigating the officials of the Politburo and we hope to find out who was behind all of this.

The people of China were already very angry with the corruption in the Politburo and were suspicious of dirty politics. At the same time, they were scared to voice their opinion. We at China Daily, hope to be able to voice these opinions.

We are uncertain about Zedong’s successor. China Daily urges that the Politburo be suspended and put under custody temporarily, until we find out who killed Mao Zedong.

Today, the 28th day of January, will be a day of mourning for China as a whole. Zedong was and will be China’s greatest leader and his untimely death is China’s greatest loss.



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