Ciao Wanda

The Puerto Rican Cabinet has now completely disappointed its people. The cabinet’s approval rating is now at a meagre 5% compared to the minimal 30% it was earlier. Each of the cabinet members was put under a lie detector test by the FBI and most all of them were guilty of some sort of corruption or embezzlement of funds from the Puerto Rican people. After the arrests of each of its cabinet members, the Puerto Rican Cabinet is now in a state of rebuilding as it tries to combat the effects of the mosquito-borne Dengue illness and reform institutions to win back the support of their people.

The Puerto Rican Cabinet has been regarded as ineffective, biased, and incredibly corrupt in recent history. These sentiments were  proven when many members of this cabinet were put under a lie detector test regarding their actions taken while in office. Many members were caught in communication with enemies of the United States, espionage, taking bribes, and blatant embezzlement which harmed the Puerto Rican people. Many seemed simply amused or even proud of their actions and admitted to them as they sat in front of the FBI. Other cabinet members would cheer or applaud when another was caught in a crime and even the governor was laughing as his cabinet seemingly fell apart.

After this disaster, I asked the governor how he felt about his cabinet disappointing the Puerto Rican people and he simply responded that this entire thing was a “political ploy” by the enemies of the cabinet and he expressed his serious doubts in reference to the validity of the FBI agents in the room. This was, of course, applauded by the cabinet, though they knew very well of their guilty nature.

While I was not there to hear the entire discussion on it, Dengue seemed to be affecting the committee directly. In fact, there was a tweet from Univision which expressed it’s sentiments in regards to the loss of one of the “committee members,” who died of dengue. The hashtag #ciaoWanda has been circulating on Twitter in honour of her.

Wanda Vasquez, miembra del previo Gabinete de PR muere de dengue. El hashtag #ciaoWanda circula en Twitter.

The Puerto Rican Cabinet is now continuing with business as usual. After these crises, they are still pulling through with trying to win back the support of the people. While observing, many directives relating to education reform were being discussed. Good luck to the new and improved Puerto Rican Cabinet, you have a lot of ground to cover.


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