Colson’s Call

BREAKING – For the past few years, the Nixon Administration has been faced with many challenges both foreign and domestic. Our reporters sought out to report on how the White House felt about their so-called “Conservative Coalition”. When pressed on the issue by reporters, Charles Colson stated that the Nixon Administration had gone to great lengths to ensure that the nation was mobilizing to fulfill the campaign promises set forth by Nixon himself and that the White House was avidly pursuing every possible avenue to satisfy both the needs of the domestically-concerned Conservatives as well as the Internationally inclined Conservatives. However, Mr. Colson did state that while there were some inefficiencies with the coalition as a whole, it primarily consisted of growing pains of the Presidential office.

In addition, when pressed by reporters, Colson brought up the topic of race relations. On this issue, Colson vehemently stated that the Black Panthers, a group often publicized for their violent take on racial equality, was nothing more than a group of Black Nationalists. Many have wondered just what the White House will do in light of recent directives which empower states to handle cases of racial discrimination and hatred. Hence, it seems the White House has come on the record as saying that they are in favour of peacefully achieving equality for Americans regardless of skin colour. However, the White House has come out as saying that organizations such as the Black Panthers should resist violence so that the safety of all Americans in this turbulent time can be ensured.


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