Commissioners Involved: Possible Betrayal of the Pravda

Questions are beginning to arise in the Council of the People’s Commissars as a media source is currently under suspicion, as well as a few commissioners who may be involved. There have been accusations against the Pravda for betraying the communist government of Russia, as private information has possibly been released to the public which contradicts communist beliefs.

The Commissioner of Nationalities was suspended from voting under the contingency of potential involvement with the leak of information, and The Commissioner of Finance has been targeted for his potential connection with the source of this social and political upheaval as well.

Another commissioner was called to the attention of the council after some pressing information was revealed about connections that some members of the council may hold. A photograph had been sent anonymously to the Pravda that morning, depicting the commissioner posing quite amiably with a suspect being investigated by the council for ties to the betrayal of the Pravda. This friend of the commissioner is being scrutinized for possibly having been involved with a printing-press mishap that may have played a role in the paper’s duplicity.

More information is yet to come, as tensions are building in only the third committee session.


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