Corrections & Amplifications for Jan. 27

Corrections & Amplifications

By Chief Standards Editor

A Featured Article titled “Russian Resurrection (Russia 1917, Part I)” contains an unfinished sentence. The sentence should read “Most of our readers know that we were the official newspaper of Komsomol, the youth wing of the former Soviet Communist Party.”

The same Featured Article also failed to include the correct dateline, which should be “PETROGRAD, Russia –.”

An Editorial article titled “This is the Problem with U.N.” mentioned the presiding officer’s ban on “profanity and personal attacks in notes.” It should be clarified that such notes referred to by the presiding officer were addressed to the unnamed crisis staff, not individual delegates or the dais officials.

A World News article titled “Killers of Hostages Still Unclear, Myanmar Assembly in Crisis Mode” quoted the Chinese Ambassador to Myanmar for her appearance before the Constituent Assembly of Myanmar, with which a Komsomolskaya Pravda correspondent was embedded. It should not be confused with her later appearance before the press, which is also mentioned in the article.

Readers are encouraged to alert Komsomolskaya Pravda to any errors in news and opinion articles.


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