Crisis in the boardroom

The press corps were struck with a crisis in the earlier hours of today when there was an explosion in downtown Boston. The board members of the competitive channel, national news nightly were determined to tackle this challenging update head-on. With condescending remarks from Reddit, undermining the capabilities of their channel; NNN made it their mission to discredit the online social platform while also maintaining  their journalistic integrity.

In the midst of constant updates and crises, the executives struggled to prioritize and juggle between other important news pieces such as the Al Jazeera being banned from Qatar, Trump falling down the stairs while getting off his plane, and Nigeria hosting the next Olympics after corruption allegations to name a few. However, it was ultimately decided that the Boston crisis was of top priority and decisions on the means of gathering and sharing information on air ensued.

The statement by the Boston Police department only lead to more chaos when the attacker was identified to be a male white supremacist. The NNN immediately released the photograph of the accused in order to raise awareness and ask citizens to be on the lookout for any suspicious behavior or information that could lead to the arrest of this man. However, this move triggered a similar, “copy cat” bombing in Chicago. This sent the executives at NNN into a frenzy of panic. They soon decided to stress safety measures and treat this update as equally important as the Boston crisis and not just as a subset of it.

The boardroom was indeed engulfed with questions of integrity, honesty and transparency being thrown around and addressed with enthusiasm and zeal.


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