Dance Dance Take a Chance

The Delegate Dance is just around the corner, and with only hours to go it seems as though there are many mixed feelings about attendance.  I surveyed 90 people, here’s how they responded:

“Maybe”: 40 people – most memorable quotes: “maybe I’ll go for 10-15 minutes”, “it’s kind-of gross…kind-of”

“No”: 10 people- most memorable quotes: “it’s kind of gross”, “[it’s a] STD fest”

“Yes”: 40 people- most memorable quotes: “because everyone else is”, “crazy…but fun”

To go or not to go, that is the question.



One thought on “Dance Dance Take a Chance

  1. Often times when westerners gather the dances can be quite monotonous. However, you can find high-quality footage of traditional Russian dancing at Russia Today, a global news network of international repute


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