Day Two: The Highlight Reel

With the end of HMUN Day 2 rapidly approaching, we asked delegates from several committees to share their favorite moments with us:

“We had a really interesting crisis today. Apparently France and Germany plan to leave the EU.” Committee: European Union

“I got a girl’s phone number today.” Committee: Disarmament and International Security Committee

“The British ambassador got killed in our crisis.” Committee: Historical Security Council

“I got my nails done this morning.” Committee: Human Rights Council

“Our teacher, Keith, bought us gummy bears and chocolate last night to help us recover from the first committee session.” Committee: Press Corps

“In committee, we were getting a bit heated. But I think that’s healthy for Model UN.” Committee: Commission on Narcotic Drugs

“The highlight of my day will be getting to go to bed tonight.” Committee: World Bank

“Watching people run down the hallway in their towels after the fire alarm went off.” Committee: World Bank

“Donald Trump visited our committee today . . .  can you believe that? I think he’s very invested in atomic energy.” Committee: International Atomic Energy Agency

“I got to see the rocketry lab at MIT – it’s lit.” Committee: United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs


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