Dear Lovely Lift of the Sheraton Boston

Among delegates of all nations, committees, genders, shapes and sizes, there seems to be one universal problem that plagues every HMUN delegate. According to me, it is none other than the wretched scientific contraption: the Lift. This is an open letter to the lift, lift up its standards.

Dear Lovely Lift of the Sheraton Boston,

You don’t seem to understand and value the essence of time. Time and tide wait for no man. Time is fleeting, time is limited and once its gone, you don’t get it back. Why do you waste the most essential commodity in life like a prodigal? It’s your fault that we get trapped into the dangerous loop of being late.

I can say without a shade of doubt that you are the most pricey person I’ve met in my life. You hold a grudge and never seem to forget it. Why do you act so hard to get?

Why can’t you be more efficient? Why can’t you be smarter? In all your complex wiring someone conveniently forgot to hardwire some brains into you. Why can’t you understand that when you are full, you shouldn’t eat anymore? And then all the fuss you make about being overweight really makes me angry.

You seem to be the only person that the people, including the lobby itself can’t lobby with. Why do you have to be so restless? You keep moving back and forth mindlessly, but I think it’s time that you moved forward. It’s time you mended relations with me.

Yours sincerely,

A concerned delegate


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