Educational Reforms at the Cabinet of Puerto Rico

Various statements from Puerto Rican citizens have indicated that the current government of Puerto Rico is facing a serious problem regarding education. Not only are Puerto Rican students are obtaining noticeably low grades on international standards like the PISAC grading system, they are also suffering from limited investment in infrastructure and stagnating wages for teachers.

Because of this problem, new political figures of the Puerto Rican government have emerged and have advocated greater transparency and government capability. They have also proposed many educational reforms.

“Reforms need to be made. We cannot allow the concerning state of the educational system continue to undermine the progress of our nation,” stated the current Minister of Education.

The minister has recently made many statements in the Cabinet indicating that a new administration consisting of 20 representatives of different sectors will begin evaluating the education system. This administration will be tasked with proposing necessary reforms.

We can also look to initiatives championed by Julia Keheler as a model for these reforms. Keheler advocates setting up town-halls in Puerto Rico to gather information about the challenges that students, teachers and parents face.This way, the Puerto Rican Government will be able to establish a well-targeted and therefore successfully impacting approach.

Similarly, the government will increase the requisites needed for teachers to work in public schools and universities as a way to ensure better education standards. The government will also create educational programs such as internships for college students wishing to work in the field of education to facilitate first-hand experience on successful teaching techniques.

According to the Minister of Agriculture, bilingual education remains a priority in both primary and secondary schools.“I do not think that it is proper to state that the problem of education has yet been solved in the Cabinet of Puerto Rico. We cannot afford to relax in issues that are as highly impacting for our future as these one, and I believe that we should be very attentive to what happens after this actions become present in our population,” stated the Minister of Natural and Environmental Resources.



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