El Salvadorian Situation

Currently, in the Historical Security Council, tensions are high. The committee dealt with a crisis dealing with prisoners and prison conditions in El Salvador while managing a drug-related assassination attempt on a high-ranking Colombian official. These topics resulted in strongly worded directives along with delegations calling out others for breaking strong alliances.

Observation of the Historical Security Council began shortly after a crisis break involving prisoners in El Salvador and their treatment. Many Latin American countries expressed concern about the conditions of the prisons and asserted that human rights violations have occurred. Other delegations questioned whether or not El Salvador’s government was fit to rule and expressed willingness to call for sanctions against El Salvador. On the other hand, delegations claimed that the treatment of the prisoners is justified and there should be no action taken against El Salvador in regards to prison conditions.

The discussion on drugs and the drug trade soon followed from the discussion of Latin American governments. There were many directives regarding this issue however one in particular was entitled “Cut the Head” which included naval blockades around Columbia which would hope to cut off the drug trade by water to countries like the United States of America. This directive was heavily debated and ultimately passed.

There was, however, a directive in which the USSR was called upon to pull their funding from the Salvadorian government entitled “Hypocrisy.” This directive was met with little to absolutely no support, failing to provide two delegations to speak for the directive. A delegation who wished to not be named stated their frustration and anger with the lack of support from allies who promised it.

After the discussion of these directives, a new twist came into the room with a United Kingdom flag-covered umbrella. This representative from the United Kingdom was asked to immediately visit El Salvador and was attacked by a criminal and is now in a “very painful coma.” We have been told that he is going to live but the United Kingdom wrote an immediate response to the attack.

The UK is in shock after dramatic recent events. This attack was an attack on an entire nation and it will not be taken lightly. This entirely morphs the Security Council’s view on the Salvadorian [conflict] and we look forward to finding a solution to this problem.

This attack also raised concerns on the Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front (FMLN), who many believed to be behind the attack. While certain delegations simply expressed condolences, many were willing and wanting to use military force to solve this situation. This crisis is still unfolding and will most likely take a complicated entanglement of directives and agreements to solve it.



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