Future Nuclear War?

The SPECPOL (Special, Political and Decolonization Committee) met one more time this Friday night to continue their discussion about colonization in of outer space.

Many developed countries agreed to send help to developing countries, especially in cases of asteroid extraction crises. The committee then propose colonizing other planets, developing a monetary fund and a new organization to control, and encouraging the privatization of space. Although working papers and speeches were made supporting these ideas, many delegations found the discussion on space colonization unfair on the part of developed countries because environmental concerns on Earth are more pressing.

“There are developing and colonized countries supporting imperialists counties when the topic is exploration and colonization of outer space, which is absurd. by doing this, they are ignoring our world and the sustainability of it. They are all just trying to find a ‘escape valve’ to all these problems and make profit over it”. The statement by the Equatorial Guinea represent the indignation of some delegates about some actions taking place in the committee. He also said that the developed countries are using the poorest ones to develop their own spatial race.

Bolivia, Tanzania, Equatorial Guinea and South Africa wish to found an international organization to regulate and inspect outer space exploration under international jurisdiction.

However, while these discussions were taking place, Donald J. Trump himself showed up in the committee room talking about the USA delegation plan of building a nuclear power plant on lunar land. He also declared that all the profits used in the construction, transportation and storage of the necessary materials will all be provided by particular enterprises. Giving that, at the end, the United States president mentioned that there was no need for the people to pay taxes or duties for these projects.

Yet the announcement generated turmoil and unease. some delegations claimed that the United States was trying to take nuclear weapons to the moon, infringing on UN laws. Others think that was at least disrespectful for a president to come to a committee to say the USA would not be paying for the program. A few groups are also afraid of facing a probable future nuclear war that can devastate both the Earth and the Moon territory.


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