HMUN 2017, let’s get Started


Harvard Model United Nations taken its course for the sixty fourth consecutive year. Regarded as one of the oldest UN simulations prevailing worldwide, its participation is considered as a true honour for a large number of both staff and delegates that are to engage in the event for the next three days.


Surely, it can be stated that the preparation required for such large-scaled conference is not a simple process. As Secretary-General of the Harvard Model United Nations 2017, Victor J. Kamenker, communicated “the entire staff of HMUN has been hard at work over the eleven months ensuring that our sixty-fourth session is the greatest one yet.” This year, delegates all over the world will be provided the opportunity to participate in a large array of ground-breaking and riveting committees, while also being given the chance to take advantage of the cultural enrichment that may be found in the city of Boston.


“I can´t help but remember the excitement I felt last year,” stated Gerardo Erik Suarez –delegate of Villa Caritas and San Pedro Schools (Peru)- while recalling his previous experience within the adventurous world of HMUN. ”It’s a rush of adrenaline that you do not get to experience regularly. It’s both thrilling and scary- the type of buzz that you can’t get anywhere else. I am looking forward for all that is to come.”


In fact, not only has the HMUN staff has successfully increased the number of committees through the expansion of their financial aid program, but it has also achieved to assign such committees some of the most influential issues that shape the contemporary world. 


When asked about the preparation required for delegates in order to participate actively in committee sessions, delegates such as Noah Fourier – coming from the delegations of Ecole Jeannine Manuel- stressed out the demanding yet self-fulfilling implications HMUN has placed upon their lives. “I think that the hardest part of preparing for this type of conferences is going past the actions that have already been taken and to not remain in the sphere of things that the United Nations have already done. For example, one of the topics that we have been assigned with- the Yemeni Civil War- has already passed one half a dozen resolutions, they have made several presidential statements, and organizations such as Amnesty International and The Human Rights Watch have taken account of the conflict. I think that in order to make the debate move forwards we will all have look how to move pass this and how to really innovate, this is where the challenge really stands.”


Furthermore, challenge in HMUN does not solely stand within the dynamic of committees, but also in the personal lives of delegates and faculty. Coming from a long way home, delegates coming to HMUN such as Ivana de la Llave – delegate of Villa Caritas and San Pedro Schools (Peru) – believe that it is also about broadening individual comfort zones. “Being here- abroad- is very helpful in order to gain individuality and a sense of higher independence. It’s something that I can really be grateful for.  Besides, the idea of MUN itself is about connecting internationally, so the idea of being here with people from different places worldwide has brought great meaning and sense to the whole purpose of MUN. It’s like a win-win situation.”


Although the engines of HMUN 2017 have just started pumping, the strong energy of those who make up the light of the conference can be felt through the rigor of the passionate exchange of ideas. “Like we always say in our Harvard MUN team, one hand up for speaking and one hand down for writing. I want to see who is ready for the challenge,” said the director of Cabinet of the Governor of Puerto. Surely, there is a lot to gain from during the days to come.



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