Humans Write About Human Rights

Human rights belong to every person right from the second they’re born. They are inalienable, indivisible, interdependent… A person has them by virtue of being a human. Just that. They can’t be taken away or violated – their violation is a cause for international concern. The United Nations Human Rights Council was founded on this important principle.

The Guardian wondered why the UNHRC was moving so slowly while the speaker’s List was underway. Notably, delegates from Chile, Serbia, Nigeria, Somalia, and Zimbabwe spoke. These nations asserted that whatever plan the HRC comes up with must individual demographic of each country. They also claimed that all countries need to collaborate and cooperate to ensure that child trafficking can be wiped out as efficiently as possible. But when the Speaker’s List started to run low, the United States stepped froward.

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The delegate of the USA introduced his 4-tier plan to the committee – prevention, protection, prosecution, and partnership. It involved the prevention of child trafficking by increasing education, awareness, and law enforcement; the protection of victims of child trafficking, and efforts to rescue them; the prosecution of consistent perpetrators of the crime; and the partnership of all countries in order to end its horrors. This sparked Pakistan’s plan to promote education and increase employment and Greece’s proposal to set up social service, rehabilitation, theatre and fine arts programs for children in war- zones.

The Guardian believes that all countries need to work to make sure that the inherent rights of their citizens are not violated. Human rights are ridiculously important. Anyone who’s been in danger of having them taken away can testify that. The Guardian’s reporter hopes the delegates of the UNHRC arrive at a consensus and can solve the matter at hand before too many more people get hurt.



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