Hundreds Killed in Tibetan Protests

A recent uprising in Tibet has the People’s Republic of China searching for a swift solution and a daring answer. Thousands of Tibetan protesters have seized control of the capital building in Lhasa. They demand to be able to trade freely with any and all countries around China, as well as receiving the right of religious freedom. There are also reportedly Russian operatives among the Tibetan uprising, and when asked about the their connection to these protests, the Chinese President Liu Shaoqui said that he did not know for sure yet.

The Central Politburo of the Communist Part of China earlier passed directive “Autonomous Regions are Ours,” which lead to the deployment of 5,000 troops on the ground sent to Tibet and were stationed in major cities. A separate directive was passed shortly after, named directive “Crush Dissent,” stating that these troops were instructed to perform non-violent crowd control, but were given the right to use force if necessary. They were also instructed to specifically protect and not destroy Buddhist monuments and temples.

These troops entered Tibet, but ultimately failed. They did not destroy or harm any Buddhist monuments, but a Tibetan news reporter says that “a couple of hundred” of people were killed in this attempt to contain the protests. In reaction to this news, both France and the United States have cut off diplomatic relations with China until they agree to pull troops from Lhasa and promise to talk with Tibetan leaders about their demands. The Chinese committee continues to discuss resolutions to this increasingly intense situation.


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