Japan Embargo: Who’s to Blame?

In the Supreme Command of Allied Powers discussion is now surrounding the questions regarding the a bombing of several Chinese commerce ships by an unknown power. Some claim this incident was the fault of the USSR; that aggression and exploitation of the Chinese government may allow the USSR to secure a stronger foothold of power among its members. Others claim the US played a role in the attack, but no motives can be confirmed behind the accusation.

An embargo has been set between the US and Japan as a result of rising antagonism between the two. However, this has led to an immense depletion of resources in Japan, as the prices of foodstuffs are increasing rapidly. The Head of Humanitarian Aid in the command brought up the point that civilian needs come first; he believes an agricultural reform should be put in place in order to ensure that Japan can remain self-sustaining for the time being.

Other members of the command are pushing to repeal the embargo, to recommence trade provide the Japanese people with the proper supplies to remain a stable autonomous state. Some argue that the US should be providing resources, and that both short and long-term plans of action should be established to warrant the safety of civilians and the security of the nation as a whole.

The committee has yet to decide the route to take with regard to the embargo and the political stability of Japan. Although, this is indeed an organization of allied international powers; they will ultimately make the decision that will benefit the majority and function in a way that will administer proper access to resources to the countries in need of them.


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