Klein and Colson Take Over

A power struggle is occurring in President Nixon’s Cabinet.  Sources say  White House Director of Communication Herbert Klein and Charles Colson, White House Council, have been forcing their personal agenda to the cabinet and stepping outside of the parameters of their positions.

“There has been a feeling in the room that these two are overstepping their bounds and taking over issues that are not within their purview of power,” a senior White House official said.”Colson is a domestic affairs council and he is throwing his hat into foreign policies and influencing them.  For example yesterday he wanted to apply a severely aggressive methods of  Vietnamization and at the same time wanted to continue the areal bombings.  Despite several people disagreeing he continued to impose his ideas on others,” said the official.

A fellow senior White House Official also voiced their concerns regarding the aggressive tactics of Klein and Colson in the cabinet.

“Colson as a lawyer his job is to asses policies on a constitutional level as in conjunction with the U.S. code.  More often than not he seems to be introducing policy than assessing it, the official said. “The same can be said for Klein, his job is to spin things, not introduce them as he has been doing.”

Both officials stated their desire for each member of the cabinet to perform the tasks that are given to them in their position and not to step into the domain of other cabinet members.




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