Lenin’s Death and the Future of USSR — Potential Fracturing of the Commissar

1924. The leader and the guiding light of USSR, Vladimir Lenin, just passed away under strict confidential protection. Under his administration, the Communist Party in Russia gained control over the political entity, and united Russia under one governmental party.  The news has not gotten out yet, and HIR is going to bring you the latest updates on the elaboration of the crisis.

Among many immediate and threatening issues, the death of Lenin lead to doubt within the USSR administration regarding the ideology in governance, and the unavoidable question of successor.

There are voices claiming that things will remain unchanged with the Soviet Union. Some delegates apparently believe, or would like the press to believe, that nothing is going to be changed or challenged within the Commissar. According to delegate George, the training and education of ideology are everlasting and will not be compromised upon Lenin’s death. The future will be defended by the people and the consolidation.

The HIR holds reasonable doubts regarding this claim that sweeps many issues under the table at a time of evident crisis. This doubt was proven substantial as the media bombardment progresses. When asked the question of successor, more conflict emerged on the table and immediate tension began emerging in the room. Mr. Vladimir responded defensively by claiming that all those who deserve it will be punished in the near future. He also confirmed that there are traitors in the room, and traitors to the Party will be punished. This brings doubts to the unity of the consolidation. The death of Lenin is going to soon ignite conflict or even civil war over succession.

However, many delegates jumped in to reassure the press and the supporters that the leaders will work in tendon after the death of Lenin, and that in no near future will a single leader be selected to replace Lenin’s position. The Commissar will put an end to the period of one common leader, and enter into a somewhat republican, or egalitarian reign.

A supporter of this ideal, Nikolai Bulounin, actually went so far as to claiming that the Commissar intends to stop the spreading of the news that Lenin had passed away. This smells like a dubious cover-up of political conspiracy, intending to blind the supporters and civilian regarding the government they are under.

The Harvard International Review will not hold off reporting on the death of Lenin, as the international and regional power this information carries is invaluable. Also, the HIR encourages civilians to remain alert to any updates from the USSR officials


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