Message of Hope

In light of recent events and operations carried out by the Central Intelligence Agency, a reporter representing the New York Times pursued and obtained an interview with the head of said agency, Director Helms. In this interview our correspondent asked among many questions, what exactly would the CIA like to say to the people so that they can be reassured of the mission of the CIA to protect American citizens from all foreign threats and crisis. In response Director Helms stated “We are working in tandem with the [U.S.]government to ensure that Americans are kept safe on a day-to-day basis”. With this, it can be well assumed that regardless of any controversy carried out by individual actors to undermine the authority of the CIA as a government agency, the department is pursuing every possible measure to ensure the safety of our citizens. In addition, the CIA director also stated the common emphasis on protecting and rescuing those who are “struggling against authoritarian regimes”. Such sentiments should echo favorably among the American public and provide a much needed message of hope in such turbulent times.


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