Minnesota Nice? Try Boston Brusque

It happened as soon as we stepped outside the airplane doors.  People rudely brushed past, banging our legs with their bags and bumping our shoulders as they strode past us.  Instead of holding the door for us, they merely went on their way, leaving the door swinging into our faces. While this brusqueness was a shock to some in our group, I was prepared.  Coming from Wisconsin, home of cows, brats and of course the Green Bay Packers, people are generally pretty friendly.  Nobody wants to offend anyone so words are chosen carefully and requests include heavy doses of “I’m sorry but..” or “Would it be too much trouble for you to..”.  But as I have experienced on past trips, you won’t find any of that in Boston.  Words and time are precious and people certainly do not waste them apologizing for their actions.

On a recent excursion to Mike’s Pastries, a few of my fellow classmates where sitting at a table when a worker came over and bluntly stated “Get out of your seats, find somewhere else to sit,” in a thick Boston accent.  While her bluntness surprised my friends, I recognized that it was just her way of communication.  It is a no frills, straight to the point communication used by  many who grew up in and live in Boston.  While it may seem rude at first, I often find myself mimicking it when I return to Wisconsin, with a slam of the door and the shouldering of the people walking in front of me as I pass by.


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