Nixon’s Cabinet denies Leaks

In response to allegations of wiretapping several members of President Nixon’s cabinet have issued a statement denying these accusations.Director of the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover, vehemently denied the existence of such leaks within the cabinet.

“The FBI does not have knowledge of or approve of wiretapping within the cabinet. If there were to be wiretapping it would be done by the Democratic party or opponents of Nixon’s campaign in an attempt to smear him or degrade our cabinet and party,” Hoover said.

His statement of denial was echoed by National Security Advisor Henry Kissinger.

“I know nothing of any wiretapping, as far as I am aware all cabinet officials trust each other to the best of their ability,” Kissinger said.

Attorney General John Mitchell however, did not deny the leaks, but instead assured the public of the administration’s commitment to investigating the alleged leaks.

“The administration in general wants to set up a group of people in order to deal with the source of the leaks and their effects.  We want to guarantee that the public knows only the truth and nothing but the truth,” Mitchell said.

Despite the allegations against his cabinet, President Nixon won his bid for re-election in  celebratory style. After the news of his victory was confirmed, Nixon appeared before supporters who where loudly chanting USA and waving banners with his campaign slogans.  The President kept his remarks succinct, simply stating ” I am so honored and humbled” and that he wants to continue “making America great again.”




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