Of Oil Interests and Human Lives

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The United Nations Security Council faced an urgent and decisive fork in the road in the latest crisis. Daesh (also known as ISIS) released a crisis manifesto which was being read out by the Dais when a hostage was pushed through the doors of the committee. His captors were Daesh militants; they soon pulled a gun to his head and named the hostage as a Venezuelan spy.


The Daesh announced that they would consider a ceasefire if the UNSC agreed to bring back the traditional values of government, which align with the Daesh’s idealogy, in the modern world. They said that they would wage war otherwise and interrupt the foreign oil investments, particularly those of France and USA, in Yemen.


The Daesh demanded the surrender of the Eastern part of Yemen and that there should be no further interaction with their people thereafter. “We believe that the Daesh is in it’s Golden Age and we will be taking over the entirety of the Eastern portion of Yemen, governing it as we like”, they said.

They announced further that they had received intelligence that US and France were investing in Yemen, thinking they could control the oilfields in Southern Yemen. The Daesh had intercepted a troop of 10 undercover French agents in their capital, along with the Venezuelan spy.

IMG_0056[1] (1).PNG

“Come up with a plan in 30 minutes of how you will vacate the area of oil companies, businesses and carriers, planes, drones and militants or say goodbye to the Venezuelan and the Frenchmen”

They extended the findings of the Daesh Intelligence Forces to the committee: the US had begun deploying carriers to survey the Yemeni basin and troops monitor passerby in the streets of southern Yemen.

The Daesh further elaborated the choice that was ahead of the UNSC:

1.Choose between the ten Frenchmen and Venezuelan or protect the US carriers. If a prompt decision is not made regarding the Daesh’s demands, the Daesh would send half of their troops to blow up the oil rigs in the Yemeni basin and get rid of US troops regardless.

2.Choose between the US carriers or the oil company representatives in the Yemeni basin.




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