Puerto Rico Is Now In Jail

The entire Press Corps witnessed a pretty strange event this evening – the arrest of every single member of the Puerto Rican Committee, after one person was dragged out kicking and screaming. The Model UN Security marched in – and ten people found themselves being marched out. They were, of course, immediately pounced on by about what sounded fifteen newspaper correspondents – and had no chance at all. They were, for all intents and purposes, outnumbered. Th

One member asked a press delegate to “take me with you”. When she said, “Um… No. I can’t,” he held the pair of scissors in his hands to neck (where’d he get the pair of scissors, though? That’s what the Guardian wants to know. Who cares about why he was arrested?) and said (very dramatically), “I’m going to kill myself.”

Another member, when asked if he had a lawyer or legal team, said quite happily, “No.” When he was told to get one, he said, “I got into HMUN. I think I can defend myself.”

Other Puerto Rican delegates struggled with the usual questions – what does this mean for Puerto Rico? What do have to say about this? Can you give us a statement? One delegate was so excited that he wanted to write us his statement – on four full sheets of paper.

We don’t know why the Puerto Rican Cabinet was arrested – but we do know that it was exciting.


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