Russia, 1917 the fight to create a lasting ideology

“Russia will prosper like a majestic eagle in the skies, ready to change this filthy, capitalistic world!”

The Council of the People’s Commissars, Russia 1917 is hard at work creating the perfect communist country on the third floor. While there is much work to be done, this council is fired up and ready to go. Flying around the table were various directives, all intended to rid Russia of any capitalistic influences or lingering rebellions and proceed towards Marx’s infamous ideology.

Among obstructions was the issue of the pesky White army – the name given to those who opposed the Bolshevik government. The Commissar of Justice reminded his fellow delegates that the proper solution should be to arrest leaders of the ‘Whites’ and put them on public trial. In coordinating with the Commissar of Labor, he proposed putting these arrestees in labor camps to make a clear example of the non-supporters.

It wasn’t just rebel groups this Council had to deal with, it was also the challenge of overcoming the power of the Church. Among solutions was the idea to confiscate all church land and hand it over for collectivization. The idea to promote a propaganda campaign encouraging citizens to leave the church was also proposed. The reason for this, emphasized one delegate, is that “we must not allow the vestiges of imperialism to invade our harmonious communist society.”

Of course the biggest challenge was the creation of a constitution, one that would reflect proper communist values and embolden its supporters. This, above all, was the most necessary step in creating a lasting ideological legacy. In this midst of this all, the unexpected happened: Vladimir Lenin died.

Yet, despite the devastating loss of one of communism’s most prominent figureheads, the Council was determined to go on. When asked about the future of their country, delegates clarified that communism is an ideology, not just a person, and that they would fight to uphold their deceased leader’s ideals together, in joint leadership.

In fact, Lenin’s death seems to have galvanized this Council, which informed reporters that they are soon to enter a constituent assembly to make a constitution.

However unfortunate the loss of their leader is, the Council of the People’s Commissars will continue to fight for their country’s future. Their dream is to “eliminate any opposition,” according to representative Stalin. And once this fully occurs in Russia, the Council will attempt to foster fellow communist allies. After all, it is as Marx said: “The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains. They have a world to win.”






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