Space Crisis

The United Nations Office on Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) was surprised by a crises this morning. The acclaimed Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson asked for the committee help on a video, informing that the satellite USA-266 (lunched just under a year ago) is in a collision course and out of control with partner USA-248, lunched two years ago. Dr. deGrasse Tyson urged the committee about issues, highlighting the fact that “without a full constellation of active GPS satellites, services in almost every related sector are lost”.

As GPS boosts our productivities and make the people lives more connected and practical, US Air Force, NASA and privates enterprises are doing everything they can to save and protect this technology, tough the collision is almost certain and is just a matter of time. there are 31 GPS satellites in the Medium-Earth Orbit, around 20,000 kilometers up and it is only needed 24 of them operating to have full Global Positioning System. The collision would be life changing.

UNOOSA seemed worried about the crises. However, as it was said by the delegate of Democratic Republic of Congo, the resolutions and working papers were all almost complete and satisfactory for the situation. “A couple more clauses should be enough for us to solve the issue”, he said.

Including the satellites problem, the resolutions are trying to define terms like “space objects”, develop and systematize taxes for Debris cleanup, advance in the scientific divulgation of the topic, standardized the dispatch of space objects.


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