The Delegate Dance

The delegate dance is a bit of a mystery at Model UN Conferences. Students are always asking, what will happen at this one? To most teenagers, the prospect of going to a dance with other kids their age sounds like a fun idea. But the delegate dance takes on a life of its own. It’s not just a dance, it’s an experience. Have you, readers, ever been in a room with over 1,000 kids on a dance floor packed together? most of them newly-acquainted and shouting to be heard over thumping bass notes? Because that’s what the dance is.

But the dance doesn’t start in the room – it starts outside in the hallway as students await their admittance. The line, a mix of delegates representing nearly every continent around the globe, thrums with energy. Perking up their ears, students can hear various conversations in Spanish, English, and Mandarin. Delegates groan as ever so slowly, the line inches forward. Once they flash their badge at the door, they’re let into the packed ballroom, which is transformed for our benefit with flashing lights and a DJ.

Truthfully, the dance itself is a mix of fun and awkward. If you’re one for dancing to loud music, the dance floor in the middle of the room is the perfect place for you. If you enjoy having a personal bubble more than two feet in circumference, then that same dance floor- really just a mosh-pit of kids either fighting their way through the crowd with friends or dancing closely together – is not the place for you. Perhaps the outskirts of the room, lined with water and soda stations, is more your style.

Either way, the delegate dance is quite the night. Everyone has the chance to socialize with delegates outside their committee and take a break from furious working paper writing.

Who knows how the delegate dance of 2017 will turn out? We can only know by going tonight!


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