The Dim Light of Puerto Rican Cabinet — Green Energy and Its Inefficiency

After the recent founding of the new Cabinet of Puerto Rico, an immediate crisis puts their strength to test right in front of a handful of reporters from different international media outlets. A temporary power outage struck the committee room, along with many civilian and private buildings, and rendered the island literally “powerless”.

During the press conference and before the power outage, the new Cabinet proudly presented their new energy plan that was bringing clean and sustainable resources to the island without compromising efficiency nor coverage. According to the delegate of Policia, the new green energy plan involves hydraulic, solar, and geothermic power. Due to the excellent geography of Puerto Rico, it will profit the island economically to utilize their own abundant resources.

A delegate joined in the conversation and added the fact that Puerto Rico has a zero petroleum reserve and few other fossil fuel resources. He also argued that fossil fuels can impact the environment extensively. Considering the animal diversity on the island, it would not be a considerate decision to employ fossil fuel as a energy source.

When furthered inquired about whether the energy was enough for the entire island. The delegate reassured that to ensure sufficient energy, the new Cabinet decided to undertake a transition stage in which Puerto Rico will keep importing fossil fuels internationally, while actively developing domestic renewable energy.

This all seemed like a perfect plan. That is, until the outage of power happened right before the eyes and pens of the press corps.

Two workers entered to report on the reasons behind the outage, and the logistics the outage covered. Many civilians on the island were affected by the breakdown. It is evident that many more energy crises are yet to come and the population will have to go about their life without energy or modern technology powered by electricity.

Apparently, the new Green Energy plan of the Puerto Rican Cabinet was not sufficient to respond to the entire population of the island. The explanation behind this failure remains debatable, yet the corruption of the new Cabinet is undeniably a major contributing factor. Under the current administration, the Puerto Ricans were not only powerless in their daily energy demands, but also powerless in checking the decisions made by the administration.


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