The nine types of people you meet at a General Assembly

  1. Mr. Know it all: This delegate has his eyes on the prize. There is no treaty, no article, no clause that he does not know. You’ll normally find his kind dominating and moderating the unmoderated caucus. They walk with an air of pride and a bubble of ego. Their normally tall and loud selves proves to be an asset in big committees.
  2. The chit chatter: This delegate has the strange superpower of being able to write more chits in less time. More often than not, they barely even pay attention to what is happening around them and continue scribbling away to glory. You’ll usually find them trying to find scraps of paper they can write on and send to the executive board, because with 196 countries, who needs recognition anyway?
  3. The observer: This person is relatively new to MUNs and is trying their level best to apply all the knowledge they have worked so hard to gather. They’re always trying to get recognition but their speeches mostly comprise of written articles and not much real application and critical thinking.
  4. The newbie: This person is usually bored out of their minds. They’re not really interested in what is happening at the conference and will take an excuse you give them to leave the committee room. They’re usually fascinated by the MUN circuit but can’t get themselves to care enough to actually participate.
  5. Mrs. Duck Face: The title here is pretty self explanatory. This is the ideal group of girls/guys who are absolutely obsessed with sharing their life on social media. They want a picture with everything and share how much “fun” they are having in the third floor washroom while sneaking away to make sure their make up or hair are always on point.
  6. Mr. Won’t give up: This is the rival of Mr. Know it all, almost as good but just a little behind. This person is severe competition and will do anything to bring his rival down. Usually in the opposing blocs they refuse to merge working papers or agree on absolutely anything. Just sometimes though, they manage to surpass this unspoken rivalry and steal the show.
  7. The flirt: You know it. You’ve read the chits they’ve sent to…everyone. This person will hit on anyone they find remotely attractive and use chits as their weapon. While they may manage to secure a date for the dance this way, it sure is a distraction from rising terrorism concerns.
  8. The procedural stuck-up: This person refuses to let any sort of procedure slip. They have memorized the rules of procedure so well that they point out everything and anything, no matter how minor, simply because they can. They’re usually not popular for the right reason and are considered ever so slightly annoying.
  9. The ones hoping there is no midnight crisis: Now this group is specific to Harvard Conferences, and comprises of a majority of the population at the conference. They’re usually caught saying things like, “Oh my god, they better not wake me up” or “God I am so tired” or “Man, do I need a separate outfit for this thing cause my night suit is ugly!”

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