The Shikoku Islands under the control of the Zaibatsu Forces

As the Supreme Command of Allied Powers met in order to discuss the Zaibatsu forces’ role both in the economical and political sphere, delegates did not see eye to eye concerning that issue.

As a matter of fact, the Zaibatsu forces are several business companies, which influence among the Japanese Empire cannot be neglected. While many believed those forces were too anchored in the Japanese culture to be destroyed, such as the Civil Intelligence Section, some remained skeptical on their huge domination over the economy. In other words, they said the forces must cede some of the lands they possess to farmers, and share their benefits. On top of that, the Legal Section stated that ” the social perspectives have not been addressed yet”. According to the delegate, even though they play a key role in the Japanese society, they are socially unfair, do not respect civil rights, and exploit workers.


Just as the Allied Powers were arguing,  representatives AND CEOs of the main Zaibatsu conglomerates in Shikoku entered into the committee, announcing they have taken the islands under their control. This way, they declared the independency of the smallest Japanese Island and clearly threatened the Allied Powers, saying “they were messing with the wrong people”.

The Times of India.


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