This is the Problem with U.N.


By Komsomolskaya Pravda Editorial Board

This is a Pravda Opinion Piece.

These pages have long argued that the U.N. has, over time, become a bureaucratic and pedantic organization serving no one but the elites. This year’s Economic and Social Council sessions have proven that to be true.

Take the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) for example. They jumped straight into the discussion of the Iran Nuclear Deal, with the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action and several Security Council resolutions as foundation, to pave the road for the peaceful use of nuclear energy in Iran. Think that’s what they did? Psych! They turned on the committee’s full-on attack mode. “Bomb Iran” Agency would have been a more accurate name. The delegates themselves are also a mess, to the point that the presiding officer had to vocally ban profanity and personal attacks in notes. To make the situation even worse — Iran isn’t even allowed to participate in the committee, not even as an observer! As of the time of publication, no Iranian government representative has spoken or written to IAEA. How can the committee allow this! How can the delegates tolerate this! President Trump of the United States, a vocal opponent of the U.N. establishment, was able to somehow make a cameo appearance, while Iran has been denigrated to a position inferior to that of a criminal — at least a criminal has the right of due process and representation.

The western capitalist giants are so arrogant and superfluous that they don’t even realize their own mistakes. In the Committee on Narcotic Drugs, it is left to the delegate from Botswana to point out the deficiency in the documents such as the unreliability of some so-called non-governmental organizations, the issue of funding, and the lack of specificity. Believe it or not, the Economic and Social Council even has a permanent body called the Office of Outer Space Affairs. Having immense power and political support, the committee is exclusively designed to debate about “out of the world” issues while ignoring problems in the real world. In addition, the Office of Outer Space Affairs overrides countries’ sovereign right and authority over their own space program, and will lead to nothing but a massive global tax to fund their wildest dreams.

At its inception, the Economic and Social Council is designed to create friendly discussions and benefit ordinary citizens. It is now straying further away from its purposes. Enshrined in the U.N. charter is the expectation to “practice tolerance and live together in peace with one another as good neighbours;” this cannot be achieved without a systematic reform of the U.N. institution and a thorough refreshment of the delegates’ mentality.


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