Una sola estrella

The population of Puerto Rico is currently highly divided on what they wish for the future of their own nation, to the extent that supporters of Anti-independence and Pro-statehood stances are at a state of strong – and even violent- mutual friction. The situation has come to escalate into violent protests.

Chanting the call for “una sola estrella”, the Pro-Independence movement of Puerto Rico has engaged in violent protests against Pro-Independence activists inside of the Puerto Rican Cabinet. It has been stated by members of the Cabinet that growing power of such movement may rise the hopes for further economic independence within the nation. Nevertheless, it has also been acknowledged that it is necessary to be wary of the extent to which such actions are to be made, as a poorly thought out agreement would have high impacts on the already unstable government.

Furthermore, policies of the newly formed Trump administration play a crucial role on what is to come for the future of Puerto Rican political prospect, as opposition to the Pro-statehood movement makes its possible strengthening of power highly low.

Agitation in the Cabinet is yet to be expected as members address the social and economic implications that the strong dependence on the American government and the lack of transparence surrounding Puerto Rico for the last decades.


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