What the world would look like if the HMUN Crises were real

The Crisis staff has been working extremely hard to present delegates on each committee with interesting crises. While these topics have made discussion fast-paced and kept delegates on their toes, it would be disastrous if they occurred in real life. Here is a snapshot of nine things that would occur if HMUN crises actually happened:

  1. The citizens of France and Germany would no longer be a part of the European Union and alongside be exposed to nuclear radiations from a nuclear reactor meltdown.
  2. The Qatari Royal family would have embezzled twenty million dollars to fund ISIS and banned Al Jazeera from the Qatari borders.
  3. There would be a major spread of a drug resistant bacteria in Mozambique, which would most likely have spread to other regions.
  4. Satellites would have crashed into each other, creating not only a large number of space debris but also potentially shutting down the entire GPS system on earth.
  5. Donald Trump would have injured himself after falling down the stairs of his private plane.
  6. Violent riots would have occurred in Eastern Europe regarding abortion provisions
  7. Nigeria would be the host of the 2020 Olympics.
  8. The United States would have set up a nuclear power plant on the surface of the moon.
  9. The premier of China would have admitted that the Taiwanese government is more efficient than the Chinese government.

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