When in Crisis, call the Press!

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By Parmita Protik Das, CNN


The Press were informed through a tip from the Director of the Press Corps that they were urgently needed by the Director of Angela Merkel’s Cabinet regarding a matter of the utmost importance. On arrival, the journalists of CNN and The Guardian were met by the enthusiastic Director who told us that the leaked information regarding the Italian exit (CNN is considering calling it Italeave) and the subsequent revelation that Maas had supported Italy and, specifically the Five Star Movement, was being labelled as “fake news” and was barely being discussed by the Angela Merkel’s Cabinet Members. He gave the aforementioned news agencies the duty to have the delegates deal with the issue instead of ignoring it or discrediting the possibility of such a development.

So the press set forth on their motion to rile up the Cabinet members and charge them for their smugness, that bordered on disrespect for the press.

CNN and The Guardian, walked into the committee room and drew notice to the fact that the issue was not to be taken lightly. We asked the members why they are absolutely sure of Maas’ innocence and, if he is so innocent, whether someone else might be at fault. The press asked for evidence exonerating the Cabinet Member of the accusations placed against him and saw unity in the Members’ response. They had conducted federal investigations and the report divulged that Maas was being framed and had no hand in Italy’s exit. A delegate added on to that and said that the emails in question were sent through a triple VPN-indicating they were falsified. The unified response resonated in their unwavering belief that they were all on the same page in terms of anti-particracy, that is firmly against it.

CNN asked if the people in Germany knew of the fact that one member of the Cabinet may be working toward degrowth and the fact that their jobs could be lost due to structural shift in industries. Responses came from all ends of the table in that Germany had an airtight policy for growth and job creation and would not be susceptible to work against it. They also firmly claimed that they did not believe in dividing the EU and were completely sure that the Cabinet Members were free of blame, in fact they directed our attention to right-wing groups that shared the Five Star Movement’s ideologies. CNN asked if they were aware of the possible danger of one Member working against Angela Merkel and her pro-immigrant policies and if they were taking steps to shore up the legislation to combat such an issue.

On that note, the recognized the weight of CNN’s questions and restated that they were united and no one was plotting otherwise as they were in firm support of Angela Merkel’s stance on immigration. Maas, in the end, conceded that working with the Five Star Movement was inevitable due to its far reach in the Italian government but reiterated that none of them shared the Movement’s ideologies.


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