WHO cries “who?”

As I wandered the room that housed The World Health Organization committee, I couldn’t help but notice the amount of resounding “yes'” and head nods that filled up the room that housed the large committee. The WHO appears to be in resounding agreement on their views on antimicrobial resistance. Most nations agree that the developing nations must be educated on the dangers of overusing antibiotics. Madagascar stresses the importance of antimicrobial education starting at a young age, and supports getting a social media team to aid in the education process. Furthermore, most nations agree that research targeting the development of molecules that can combat antimicrobial resistancce is imperative, along with the idea of working together with other nations to solve the problem together rather than individually. Many delegates appeared to be frustrated with the lack of discourse, particularly Kazakstan who claimed that “the amount of consensus is pretty obnoxious, [and] the intelligent discourse is zero”.

However, logistically, the most important part of a research initiative is finding funding,  leaving many nations questioning “who will fund our research?”  Turkministan claims that they “lack the resources and technology to investigate antimicrobial resistence”, and Nambia, who  echos the same sentiments.

When asked about funding, Afghanistan was quick with a detailed response. Afghanistan belives that an incentive program between developing and developed nations could be a potential solution to the problem. The incentive program requires developing nations to donate their natural resources to developed countries with depleted resources in exchange for funding and development of infrastructure (in the form of research facilities and hospitals).

After a ten minute unmoderated causes, WHO transitioned into a ten minute moterated caucus, and is well on their way to resolution.


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