WHO is On Top in the World Health Organization?

Earlier I spoke with a group of delegations in the World Health Organization representing developing countries, and they told of the struggle within WHO between More Developed Countries (MDCs) and Less Developed Countries (LDCs) as well as their differing perspectives. I managed to speak with a delegate from a semi-developed country in order to understand their perspectives upon the situation. There have been new issues raised as well as new solutions in this committee, and Saudi Arabia has brought some interesting points to the table, already having worked with a bloc to submit a Working Paper.

This bloc is discussing the ways in which MDCs may work to create a system of funding in order to provide proper financial support to LDCs that are currently struggling to sufficient access to appropriate medications. Some funding could also be directed toward constructing better systems of education in LDCs in order to ensure that there are properly qualified medical professionals among future generations. The bloc then presented the possibility of creating a data base for the purpose of pursuing and providing correctly certified medical professionals as well as administering correctly prescribed medication.

Saudi Arabia’s bloc also discussed the implications of the usage of supplements and antibiotics on livestock. According to Saudi Arabia, “The use of antimicrobials in agriculture has led to detriments across multiple nations.” They deliberated prospective solutions in which growth stimulants and other such antibiotics could be replaced or even eliminated from the diets of livestock, so as to combat animal cruelty as well as health implications upon human consumers.

Overall the division between MDCs and LDCs remains apparent, as well as some countries caught between; each group is currently working on developing coherent Working Papers within their blocs. Let’s see how this carries out; will one come out on top, or will there arise one single collaborative Resolution?

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