WHO will win the battle against Anti- Microbial Resistant Bacteria. (?)

I stepped foot into the World Health Organization, only to be greeted by a soporific roll call for 163 delegates. Hoping that committee would make up for that torture, I took the brave decision of taking a seat somewhere in the back of the committee room.

A crisis was announced, as if to answer my prayers, and the enthusiastic buzz that filled the air made me smile. I knew I would find something important to report on. The crisis at hand was a dangerous outbreak of drug resistant bacteria in Mozambique. Things started to speed up, and so did my pulse. Six moderated caucuses were raised. The first four, after numerous bouts of counting and double-checking, were rejected. My hope started dwindling, but then thankfully the fifth moderated caucus was passed. Its topic was “Short term solutions to the crisis at hand.”

Hungary spoke forcefully about¬†implementing ways to regulate and stop gene expression of the Anti-Microbial Resistant bacteria. Bahrain emphasized on education of the farmers and people in the agricultural sector all over the world, so that there is no misuse or overuse of antibiotics for treatment of crops. El Salvador stressed on the involvement of Non-Governmental Organizations in government programs to help raise awareness. Germany promoted the triple ‘S’ slogan- Smart Sanitation System. Lastly, the Republic of Korea encouraged people to eat healthy, to keep healthy, so that antibiotics were not overused and hence bacteria would not be able to take the better of us.

Things started to slow down once again and I finally left the Independence Ballroom, to my own independence.


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